Future Network & Mobile Summit 2010
16 - 18 June 2010, Florence, Italy
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Conference Topics

Conference Topics

The 19th Future Network and MobileSummit (previously known as the ICT-Mobile Summit) will address all the challenges of building the Future Internet, which will be based on mobile, wireless and fixed broadband communications infrastructures.

The impact of such Future Networks on the underlying Internet infrastructure will continue to be emphasized in the 2010 Summit.

The Scientific Programme incorporates all the key constituents of Future Communication Networks including the themes Radio Access and Spectrum, Converged and Optical Networks, and Future Internet Technologies.

Thematic Priorities

Radio Access and Spectrum

- Next-generation Radio System Architectures and Protocols

- Cooperative Wireless Networking

- Advanced Physical Layer Techniques

- Cognitive and Reconfigurable Radio Systems

- Radio Spectral Coexistence and Future Frequency Bands

- Radio Network and Terminal Self-configuration and -management

Converged and Optical Networks

- WDM and long-reach Passive Optical Networks

- Mobile Access Networks based on Free-space Optical Technology including Infrared and Visible Light

- Next-generation Active Optical (P2P) Networks

- Gigabit Home and In-Building Networks

- Fixed-mobile Convergence including Infrastructure Convergence, Centralisation in Radio-over-fibre, Femto-cells and Supporting Solutions

Future Internet Technologies

- Future Internet Architecture and Protocol Design

- Scalable Architectures for the Real World Internet

- Future Internet Self-Management Frameworks

- Network Overlay, Virtualisation and Federation

- Future Internet Experimental Facilities and Benchmarking

- Platforms and Middleware for Seamless Service and Content Delivery