Future Network & Mobile Summit 2013
3 - 5 July 2013, Lisbon, Portugal
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Conference Topics

Conference Topics

The 22nd Future Network and MobileSummit will address all the challenges of building the Future Internet Infrastructure, based on mobile, wireless and fixed broadband communications technologies.

The Scientific Programme incorporates all the key constituents of Future Communication Networks including the themes Radio Access and Spectrum, Converged and Optical Networks, Future Internet Technologies, Integrated Satellite Communications and Internet of Things.

Thematic Priorities

Radio Access and Spectrum: Wireless and Mobile Broadband Systems

- Antennas and Devices

- Cloud Radio Access Networks

- Cognitive and Reconfigurable Radio Systems

- Energy Efficiency

- LTE-A and post-LTE Systems

- PHY layer Security

- Radio-fibre Integration

- Self-configuration and Management of Network and Terminals

- Self-organised Networks

- Small Cells

- Virtualisation and Software defined Wireless Networks

Converged and Optical Networks: High-Capacity End-to-End Infrastructure Technologies

- Converged Services over Optical Networks

- Flexible and Elastic Optical Networking

- Gigabit Home and In-Building Networks Fixed-Mobile Convergence

- Green Optical Networking

- Network Control and Management Security

- Next-Generation Passive and Active Optical Access Networks

- Optical Solutions for High Performance Clouds and Data Centre Infrastructures

- Resilience and Network Reliability

- Software defined Networking

- Ultra-high Capacity, Low Latency Network Solutions

Future Internet Technologies: Novel Internet Architectures, Management and Operation Frameworks

- Cloud and Mobile Cloud Infrastructures and Services

- Content Delivery, Information Centric and Data Aware Networks

- Future Internet Experimental Facilities and Benchmarking

- Network Overlay, Virtualisation and Federation

- Platforms and Middleware for Seamless Service & Content Delivery

- Security, Trust and Privacy

- Future Internet Self-Management Frameworks

- Visionary and clean-slate designs, Future Internet Architectures: resilient, trust-worthy and energy-efficient

Integrated Satellite Communications

- Distributed Processing in the Ground Infrastructure

- Enabling Techniques for Integrated and Hybrid Satcom/Terrestrial Networks

- High-throughput, Flexibility, and Reconfigurability of the Space Segment

- Integrated Architectures and Techniques for Navigation, Communication and Observation

- Radio Interface Efficiency and Robustness

- Services and Architectures: Media service delivery, Broadband, Safety, Messaging

- User-friendly and Reconfigurable Terminals

Internet of Things (IoT)

- Cloud Computing Based Internet of Things Applications

- Enabling and Cognitive Technologies for IoT

- Experimental Deployments for IoT Applications

- Heterogeneous Network Infrastructure, Communication and Interoperability for IoT

- Interconnection and Integration of the Physical World into the Online World

- Scalable Architectures for IoT Applications

- Security and privacy challenges for IoT

- Service Openness and Interoperability Issues

- Standardisation Requirements and Initiatives