Future Network & Mobile Summit 2013
3 - 5 July 2013, Lisbon, Portugal
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Future Network Summit 2013 Agenda

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Disclaimer: This is the Advance Programme. The timing and structure of sessions is subject to change.

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Day 3: 05 July 2013

Session 11a: Self Organised Networks and Software Defined Networks
Chair: Klaus David, University of Kassel, Germany
Integrated Self-Management for Future Radio Access Networks: Vision and Key Challenges
Remco Litjens, TNO ICT, Netherlands

An Opportunistic Approach for Coverage and Capacity Optimization in Self-Organizing Networks
Andreas Georgakopoulos, University of Piraeus Research Center, Greece

A Control Architecture for Wireless MAC Processor Networking
Pierluigi Gallo, Università di Palermo, Italy

Computation offloading for mobile cloud computing based on wide cross-layer optimization
Stefania Sardellitti, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

STEM-Net: An Evolutionary Architecture for Highly-Reconfigurable Wireless Networks
Giuseppe Ruggeri , University "Mediterranea" of Reggio Calabria, Italy

Live migration of virtual machines among edge networks via WAN links
Antonio Manzalini, Telecom Italia , Italy

Session 11b: Emerging Optical Network Technologies and Functions
Chair: Fiona Williams, Ericsson GmbH, Germany
An IP Cross-layer Scheduler for QoS Provisioning in NGNs
Gianmarco Panza, CEFRIEL S.Cons.R.L., Italy

Virtualizing Converged Optical Network and IT Infrastructures: the Benefits of Dynamic Virtual Infrastructure Re-planning
Giada Landi, Nextworks, Italy

Converged Fixed and Mobile Broadband Networks based on Next Generation Point of Presence
Jean-Charles Point, JCP-Consult, France

Target Cost for Sliceable Bandwidth Variable Transponders in a Real Core Network
Ori Gerstel, Cisco, Israel

Cognitive Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Optical Network: A Techno-Economic Evaluation
Juan C. Aguado, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain

Record-High and Robust Capacity versus Reach Performance of Adaptive Real-Time Dual-Band Optical OFDM Signals for Upgrading Legacy MMF Systems
Emilio Hugues-Salas, Bangor University , United Kingdom

Session 11c: Future Internet Architectural and Management Frameworks
Chair: Rui Aguiar, Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, Portugal
Designing the Governance Framework for Network and Service Management in Future Networks
Kostas Tsagkaris, University of Piraeus Research Center (UPRC), Greece

Network and Service Governance for the Management of Future Networks
Eleni Patouni, University of Athens, Greece

A Framework for Large-scale Measurements
Philip Eardley, BT, United Kingdom

SANP : an Algorithm for Selecting End-to-End Paths with QoS Guarantees
Romain Jacquet, Telecom Bretagne, France

A Common Open Interface to Programmatically Control and Supervise Open Networks in the Future Internet
Andi Palo, La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Making IEEE 802.11 Wireless Access Programmable
Evgeny Khorov, Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IITP RAS), Russian Federation

Session 11d: Satellite Communications
Chair: Alessandro Guidotti, University of Bologna, Italy
The BATS Project
Graham Peters, Avanti Communications, United Kingdom

Cognitive Radio Scenarios for Satellite Communications: The CoRaSat Approach
Joel Grotz, Newtec Cy, Belgium

Conditioned Pilots for ISI Channels
Nicolo' Mazzali, University of Parma, Italy

Flexible and Modular Support for Multicast Rate Adaptation in WLANs
Stefano Paris, Paris Descartes University, France

An Ad-hoc Emergency Network for Crisis Events
Daniela Saladino, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

Experimenting with Services over an Information-Centric Integrated Satellite-Terrestrial Network
Maria Guta, ESA ESTEC, Netherlands

Session 11e: COST ICT: Networks and More
Chair: Ralph Stübner, COST Office, Belgium
The COST Domain for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Soulla Louca, University of Nicosia, Cyprus

The COST Framework in a Nutshell
Ralph Stübner, COST Office, Belgium

COST Action IC0905: Techno-Economic Regulatory Framework for Radio Spectrum Access for Cognitive Radio/Software Defined Radio (TERRA)
Arturas Medeisis, VGTU, Lithuania

COST Action IC0902: Cognitive Radio and Networking for Cooperative Coexistence of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Jocelyn Fiorina, Supelec, France

COST IC1004 Activities: Cooperative Radio Communications for Spectrum and Energy Efficiency in coming Traffic Scenarios
Narcis Cardona, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain

Impact of Realistic Mobility Modelling in the Context of Propagation Modelling on the User and Network Experience
Dennis Rose, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany

Statistical Modelling of Antennas Applied to Realistic Use Cases in Wireless Networks
Alain Sibille, Telecom ParisTech, France

Traffic Steering by Self-tuning Controllers in Enterprise LTE Femtocells
Salvador Luna-Ramirez, University of Málaga, Spain

Designing Advanced Energy-efficient Wireless Access Networks by a Capacity based Deployment Tool
Margot Deruyck, Ghent University/iMinds, Belgium

Coffee Break : Coffee Break - Exhibition and Networking
Panel Session 12a: Towards Virtualised Networks
Chair: Diego Lopez, Telefonica I+D, Spain
Cultivating Network Abstraction
Diego Lopez, Telefonica I+D, Spain

"Deeply Programmable Network" in "Near" Future Networks
Akihiro Nakao, University of Tokyo, Japan

Network Virtualization - Industrial Datacenter-oriented Perspective
Yaron Wolfsthal, IBM Haifa Research Laboratory , Israel

Network Function Virtualization
Krishan Sabnani, Alcatel-Lucent, Bell Labs, United States

Towards Virtualized Networks
Andreas Gladisch, Deutsche Telekom, Germany

Extending Network Virtualization into the Optical Domain
Jörg-Peter Elbers, ADVA Optical Networking, Germany

Closing Plenary 13a: Closing Plenary
Chair: Bernard Barani, European Commission, Belgium
Perspectives for Linking Communication Research and Policy
Ruprecht Niepold, European Commission, Belgium

Horizon 2020, Latest Status and Perspectives for Network Technologies Research and Innovation
Luis Rodriguez-Rosello, European Commission, Belgium

Best Paper and Best Demonstration Award

Lunch : Lunch

Disclaimer: This is the Advance Programme. The timing and structure of sessions is subject to change.

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