Future Network & Mobile Summit 2013
3 - 5 July 2013, Lisbon, Portugal
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Paper Submission

High-quality papers of 8 - 10 pages are invited for Future Network and MobileSummit 2013. The conference language is English and papers should be Scientific Research, Technical or Visionary in focus.

Papers must highlight Level of Innovation as well as Actual or Expected Impact. Papers must present Analysis of Initial or Final Research Results, including where appropriate, Results of Commercial Exploitation.

All papers (8 - 10 pages in length) using the Future Network and MobileSummit Word or Latex Templates must be submitted online by 08 February 2013. Papers can be submitted either as Word or PDF documents.

It is a condition of submitting a paper that (a) authors act on feedback and comments provided by the Technical Programme Committee (TPC) to ensure high quality conference proceedings, (b) presenters act on feedback provided by their Session Chair to ensure high quality presentations, and (c) presenters register and pay the participant's fee by 26 April prior to the finalisation of the conference proceedings.

Following provisional acceptance of papers, authors are expected to act on initial feedback provided by the IPC prior to submitting a final paper for publication. Final papers are subject to editorial review and a quality check.

Accepted papers will be presented orally in the Scientific/Technical tracks in the Programme. They may be groups within the track into appropriate thematic workshops. Papers not selected for oral presentation may be accepted for presentation in the Poster Sessions.

Proposals for Workshop topics should be thematically focused, and normally will include presentations from several complementary projects. The Thematic Workshops will be incorporated within the Programme tracks, taking into account available sessions and relevant submitted papers.

Steps to Submit a Paper

1. Please ensure that your paper follows the Paper Guidelines provided and uses the Future Network and MobileSummit Template in Word or Latex format

2. All papers are double blind reviewed. Please ensure that there are no contact details within the text of your paper submission for review (Word document or PDF), the properties of the file or the file name prior to uploading it onto the server. You can enter all authors and co-authors details as part of the online submission form.

3. If you have not previously registered on the Future Network and MobileSummit portal (all existing profiles set up on ICT-MobileSummit are transferred), please click on New User and complete your contact details. The server will issue you with a username and password by e-mail to allow you to access your personal page.

4. Upon completion of your details, you will automatically be redirected to the paper submission form where you will enter your paper title, co-authors and the relevant classification (paper type and thematic classification).

5. If you have already registered, please login using your existing log in details (which can be retrieved via Password Reminder) and click Continue to submit the paper.

6. Upon upload of your paper, the server will issue an automated acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail.

7. You can review the paper submitted via your personal page and update and resubmit it up to the deadline of 08 February 2013. Each submission receives a unique reference number. Updated versions for a submission must be submitted by clicking on the Resubmit link beside the Paper link in the Paper Details section on your personal page. Previous versions of your paper are automatically overwritten when a new version is saved. Only the last version submitted before the deadline is reviewed. Please note that once a paper has been allocated to the Programme Committee for review, it is no longer possible to resubmit it.

8. Please note the Organising Committee will only communicate with the author who submitted the paper.

9. Each presenter will present one paper in the Programme. While an author is welcome to submit more than one paper, in the event that more than one paper is accepted, it is necessary to agree a presenter for each paper with co-authors that is not already in the Programme.

Paper Submission Closed on 15 February