Future Network & Mobile Summit 2013
3 - 5 July 2013, Lisbon, Portugal
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Workshop Proposal

Workshop Proposals

Workshop proposals are invited for FutureNetwork and MobileSummit 2013. The conference language is English and workshops should focus on one of the thematic priorities of the conference. Workshop organisers should register proposals online by 11 January 2013.

Your workshop proposal should provide a clear overview of your proposed session under the headings outlined in the submission form:

- Summary of problem domain being addressed and purpose of proposed workshop

- Description of who will organize the workshop, previous editions, short CVs for organizers and overview of which FP7 projects are involved

- Workshop objectives

- Target audience, how you will promote it and expected participation

- Outline Programme (presenters, synopsis of presentation)

Papers submitted in association with the workshops should be submitted via Paper Submission.

Proposals for Workshop topics should be thematically focused, and normally will include presentations from several complementary projects. The Thematic Workshops will be incorporated within the Programme tracks, taking into account available sessions and relevant submitted papers.

Workshops will normally include regular submitted papers, which should be submitted via Paper Submission. Please note in the workshop agenda presentations associated with papers submitted for double blind peer review by the TPC.

Workshops also include invited Keynotes and additional project contributions. All presenters and participants must register for the Summit.

All workshop organisers and presenters agree to register and pay the participant's fee by 26 April 2013.

Please prepare your workshop submission in Word or notepad and then cut and paste into the online form to avoid losing content if the session times out.

Steps to submit a workshop session for Future Network Summit Programme

1. If you have previously registered on the FutureNetworkSummit portal, click LOG IN and enter your existing username and password. If you have forgotten your username and password, click on Password Reminder Upon log in, please click Edit Profile to ensure that all your details are up to date.

2. If you have not previously registered on the FutureNetworkSummit portal, please click NEW USER and complete your contact details. The server will issue you with a username and password by e-mail to allow you to access your personal page. Upon completion of your details, you will automatically be redirected to the workshop submission form.

3. Workshop organisers should provide as much detail as possible when completing the application form as competition for workshop sessions is expected to be high.

4. Please classify your workshop in terms of the conference themes and submit the form

5. It is advised to prepare your workshop proposal in Word or notepad and then cut and paste into the online form to avoid loosing content in the case of a session time out.

6. Upon submission of your workshop proposal, the server will issue an automated acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail. You can then review the submission via your My Page on the Future Network and MobileSummit 2013 Conference section and resubmit an updated application prior to the deadline.