Future Network & Mobile Summit 2011
15 - 17 June 2011, Warsaw, Poland
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Pre-conference Workshops, Tuesday 14 June

Proposers' Networking Day - FP7-ICT Call 8 & Celtic-Plus Call 2

A Proposers' Networking Day took place on Tuesday 14 June as a pre-conference event, focusing on FP7-ICT Call 8 and Celtic-Plus Calls for Proposals. This workshop was co-organised by Net!Works (previously eMobility), ISI Technology Platforms, Celtic Plus and IdealIST, with support from the European Commission to provide an in depth overview of these Calls.

Morning Presentations

Presentation of FP7 ICT Call 8 Objective 2011.1.1 Future Network

Luis Rodriguez-Rosello, Head of Unit Future Networks, European Commission

Objective 1.2 Cloud Computing, Internet of Services and Advanced Software Engineering

Lars Pedersen, Project Officer, Software & Service Architectures and Infrastructures Unit, European Commission

Objective 1.4 Trustworthy ICT

Martin Muehleck, Project Officer, Unit F5 - Trust & Security, European Commission

Presentation of Celtic-Plus Call 2 - Areas of Interest

José Jimenez, Chairman, Celtic-Plus

Celtic-Plus Call 2 - Call for Proposals

Heinz Brueggemann, Office Director, Celtic-Plus

Support from European Technology Platforms

Net!Works ETP

Werner Mohr, Chairman


Nicolas Chuberre, Chairman

Support from Polish Authorities


Andrzej Galik, NCP Coordinator, ICT

EUREKA and EUROSTARS Projects in Poland

Iwona Jedrzejczak, EUREKA NPC

Afternoon Presentations

Celtic - High-capacity end-to-end infrastructure technologies

Plug & Play

Valérie Blavette, FT

Monitoring Information Security

Mirko Sailio, VTT

Smart Grid Hub

Jose Antonio Heredia Alvaro, Jaume I University

Robust and adaptive multimedia broadcasting - multicasting overlay system

Lorenzo Favalli, Università di Pavia

Flexible, resilient, broadband and integrated satellite communication


Nicolas Chuberre, Thales Alenia Space

Cognitive Satellite Communications

Symeon Chatzinotas SnT, University of Luxembourg

Satcom infrastructure as a Service

Ana Yun, Thales Alenia Space


Ana Yun, Thales Alenia Space

Information Centric Networking over SATellite

Konstantinos Liolis, Space Hellas


Graham Peters, Avanti


Michael Schmidt, Joanneum Research


Julián Seseña, ROSE VISION

Objective 1.2 Cloud Computing, Internet of Services and Advanced Software

Concept-Oriented Collaborative Software Development

Michal Smialek, Warsaw Uni. Of Technology

Smart multi-device applications

Jacek Chmielewski, Poznan Univ. Of Economics

Cloud computed hybrid localisation and navigation

Daniel Zinkiewicz, Wasat

Applied Research Center

Michal Koziuk, Jacek Serafinski, Telcordia Poland

Who are we?

Miroslav Benco Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Zilina


Piotr Pawalowski, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center

Wireless and mobile broadband systems


Julián Seseña, ROSE VISION

Co-operative Mobility Services of the Future

Pekka Eloranta, Mobisoft Oy

Fiber backhaul solutions for LTE & LTE-advanced

Raul Munoz, CTTC

Energy-aware PHY-MAC

Carles Anton Haro, CTTC

New Wireless Transmission Techniques for Beyond 4G Cellular Networks

Seung-Hwan Lee, ETRI


Denis Rousset, ST-ERICCSON

Novel Internet architectures, management and operation frameworks

VAMOS: Virtualized Approach to Multimedia Online Services

Pablo Perez, Alcatel-Lucent

The Future Internet of Objects and Smart Devices

Virgil Dobrota, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

National Network Flow Modeling for the Future Networks

John Cosmas, Brunel University

QoS for DSL Access

Andreas Foglar, InnoRoute GmbH


Smart Transportation Systems

Duygu Oktem, Turk Telekom Group R&D Directorate

Software Defined Future Networks

Alex Galis, University College London

BEIA Consult International SRL Company Profile

George Suciu, BEIA Consult

Celtic Plus proposal

Michal Ries, Brno University of Technology

Other Pre-Conference Workshops

Based on a Call for Pre-Conference Workshops, the following workshops also took place on Tuesday 14 June 2010

- European Workshop on Broadband Femtocell Networks (Full Day)

- Putting Mobile Services into Context (Tuesday morning)

- Next Generation Converged Access Networks - Opportunities, Achievements and Challenges (Tuesday afternoon)

European Workshop on Broadband Femtocell Networks

This workshop, co-organised by FREEDOM and BeFEMTO project, will focus on femtocell networks. In addition to regular oral sessions, plenary speakers include Simon Saunders, Chairman of Femto Forum and Rupert Baines, VP Marketing of Picochip Ltd.

Click here to download the programme.

For more information, please contact Josep Vidal and Thierry Lestable

Putting Mobile Services into Context

This workshop will discuss the main concepts and the role that context-awareness and context sensitive systems and services will play in new generation of mobile devices and the proliferation of wireless networks, as well as their significance for future networks and future Internet. The Future Internet promises, among others, intelligent, ubiquitous, mobile, always-on, user-centric, adaptable, extendible, scalable, robust, secure, transparent and cost-effective operation. The above features require that users, devices and other resources, as well as services and applications, exploit context information in various ways. Context is absolutely necessary to support several crucial features of pervasive computing and future internet services. The discussions of this workshop will promote and advance our understanding of context-related research on mobile service provision and Smart Spaces. This workshop is organised by the SOCIETIES FP7 project and it aims to bring together researchers and practitioners in academia and industry to share recent results on context-awareness, as well as to foster collaboration and coordination in future EU research efforts.

Click here to download the programme

For more information, please contact Ioanna Roussaki

Next Generation Converged Access Networks - Opportunities, Achievements and Challenges

This workshop, co-organised by the ACCORDANCE, OASE and SARDANA projects incorporating also ALPHA results, will provide insight in the main trends in optical access networks emphasizing fixed-mobile convergence aspects. Architecture and technology aspects will be covered as well as business-related aspects of next generation optical access (NGOA) networks. Access related results as well as future evolution scenarios will be elaborated on and possible research directions and future access network paradigms will be outlined, motivated and discussed by expert speakers from industry and academia. From a business perspective the impact of business models on network design and operation will be highlighted. The workshop aims to foster a joint understanding of the wireless/mobile and the fixed access network community on converged access network related problems. A closing panel discussion will reflect on similar or deviating approaches and identify the key research challenges and practical deployment issues.

Click here to download the programme. For more information, please contact Christoph Lange

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