Future Network & Mobile Summit 2012
4 - 6 July 2012, Berlin, Germany
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Future Network and MobileSummit 2012 features an Exhibition, which provides the opportunity to showcase research results and applications through technology demonstrations, whether funded commercially or at national, regional or European level. While some space will be offered for posters, most of the Exhibition will be reserved for innovative technology demonstrations.

Potential exhibitors will be selected based on the quality and relevance of their submission to the conference themes, with preference given to those presenting innovative technology demonstrations.

The Exhibition is only open to conference delegates. Exhibitors must man their stands during specific times of the day but during other times are welcome to attend Conference Sessions of interest.

To maximise demonstration and networking opportunities for exhibitors, coffee breaks and lunch are held in the Exhibition area.

Participation in the Exhibition is rewarding, as it provides an opportunity to make international contacts and to build relationships with potential partners or clients from around the world. Having a demonstration or poster accepted for the Future Network and MobileSummit 2012 Exhibition will significantly contribute towards exploitation and dissemination obligations under national, regional and European research programmes. It provides an invaluable platform to develop market awareness and receive user feedback from around the world.

Future Network and MobileSummit 2012 Organising Committee is subventing the costs associated with exhibition space and furnishings for suitable demonstrations and posters, under a competitive Call for Exhibitors.

The Call for Exhibitors will close on closing date of 05 March. Since the level of competition for available demonstration stands is likely to be high, applicants are advised to clearly state what they are planning to demonstrate and the value add for the conference delegates and justify the space they are applying for.

General Terms & Conditions

1. All demonstration stands must be staffed during specific Exhibition times (coffee breaks and lunch). During other times exhibitors are welcome to attend Conference Sessions of interest.

2. All personnel involved in any Exhibition stand must be registered for the conference and only registered Delegates/Exhibitors/Presenters will have access to the Exhibition and Conference areas during the Event.

3. Exhibitors will make a contribution towards demonstrations stands: 3m * 1m stand - 500 euro and 6m * 1m stand - 700 euro.

4. A minimum of two delegates must man each 3m stand. A minimum of four delegates must man each 6m stand.

5. PCs, monitors and dedicated Internet access are additional items. Each exhibitor is responsible for ordering and paying for such services, if required, with the relevant suppliers.

6. Stand material, posters and literature should be put in place between 14:30 - 17:00 on Tuesday 03 July or before 08:30 on Wednesday 04 July. Nothing should be removed before 13:30 on Friday 06 July. Exhibitors must remove all material from their stands between 13:30 - 14:30 on Friday.

7. Material may be removed if the quality or content is not regarded as suitable by the Organising Committee. No refund will be provided in such circumstances.

8. While the conference will not be open to the general public and the Exhibition area will be locked each evening, the organisers cannot take any responsibility for any losses incurred and organisations should ensure that they have sufficient insurance cover particularly for any equipment they plan to use during the Exhibition.

Technology Demonstration Stands

Demonstrators can apply for 3m, 6m or 8m demonstration stands.

A table, chairs, single electricity socket and exhibition stand name (suitable for exhibition titles up to 20 letters) will be provided.

In light of the fact that there are a limited number of demonstration stands available, applications should clearly state what will be demonstrated, why it will add value for conference participants and justify the size of stand required. Following the submission of all applications, the organisers will then inform each applicant in relation to the space available.

Wi-Fi access will be available to all exhibitors in the Exhibition area and therefore it is advisable for all PCs to be wireless enabled.

Dedicated Internet access may be ordered on special request and will be charged separately.

Poster Display Panel

Limited Poster Display space is available to disseminate results or present literature.

Poster panels are 1m wide x 1m high and ideal for AO or A1 portrait orientated posters. All content should be in English. Posters should focus on illustrating or highlighting actual or potential research results.

Next steps

If you are already registered on the Future Network & MobileSummit portal, please click LOG IN to access the Exhibition Application Form. You can retrieve your password via Password Reminder. It is important that all transactions are saved to one profile per user so please do not register again.

If you do not already have log in details, please click on NEW USER to submit your contact details. Upon submission you will receive a username and password by e-mail to access the portal and will be redirected to the Exhibition Application Form. All accepted exhibitors must complete full payment registration by 31 March 2012.